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Sydney's Great Coastal Walk - Barrenjoey to Royal National Park

This magnificent 7 day adventure traverses the great urban coastal walk of Sydney.  The walk can be broken into distances and times of one’s own choosing and may be walked in either direction south from Palm Beach or north from Cronulla.



Sydney’s Northern Beaches Walk Barrenjoey to North Head takes 4 days and Sydney’s Southern Coastal Walk 3 days. These two walks combine to form Sydney’s Great Coastal Walk covering a walking distance of approximately 100km.


Day 1     Barrenjoey to Avalon                                                       5hr 30 walking           13km


Day 2     Avalon to Narrabeen Lakes                                           5hr 30 walking           13km


Day 3     Narrabeen Lakes to Manly                                             5hr 30 walking            12km


Day 4     Manly and North Head                                                    5hr 30 walking            12km


Day 5     South Head to Clovelly                                                    5hr 30 walking            14km


Day 6     Clovelly to La Perouse                                                    6hr 30 walking            17km


Day 7     Kurnell to Cronulla                                                           4hr 30 walking             13km


              (Cronulla Peninsula loop additional 2hr- 6km)


Northern Beaches brochures comprise Barrenjoey to Narrabeen Lakes, Narrabeen Lakes to Manly Lagoon and Manly Lagoon to North Head & The Spit brochures. 

Southern Coastal brochures comprise Harbour Bridge to South Head & Clovelly and Clovelly to Cronulla.  There are additional brochures for Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay. 

Day walks should start before 9am.  Add to walking times an hour or more for lunch, breaks or a swim.  Take plenty of water                 and  some food.  Plan ahead for accommodation. At this time there is no accommodation at La Perouse or Kurnell and the best          option is Maroubra. It is preferable to walk on from Clovelly to Coogee if staying overnight.


Walkers can take a bus from the City to Palm Beach and a train from Cronulla. Ferries run from Manly to Circular Quay and buses and ferries to Watsons Bay. It is hoped that in future, a ferry service will resume across Botany Bay.

This 7 day walk can be extended to include a walk from North to South Head via the Sydney Harbour Bridge (3-4 days) and the Harbour Circle Walk between the Harbour and Gladesville Bridges (an additional 3-4 days).  A walking route around Botany Bay is being developed.

The brochures available on this website, which include detailed maps and transport information, allow walkers to choose walks of any distance and any duration.