Harbour to Great North Walk

Free copies of the brochure are readily available from Sydney Coastal Councils Group, local councils, National Parks, Harbour Trust and tourism offices. While it can be downloaded, each side should be downloaded in quarters, one quarter to each A4 page. The downloaded sections are not necessarily as clear inthe free brochures as the detail in the map is very fine.

The main routes (in red) are being marked with the internationally recognised yellow bar system shown on the brochure.

Download map Harbour to Great North Walk -Map (pdf)
Download map Harbour to Great North Walk -Information (pdf)

Download map Background notes - Prepared by Graham Spindler.

These notes are for A Harbour Circle Walk, but pages 1 to 15 apply to the main route along the northern harbour foreshore, and Loops 1 to 8 (Pages 30 to 45) Note: if doing one or more sections or individual loops, the notes can be downloaded in sections.

Financial assistance with the publication of this brochure has been provided by the Sharing Sydney Harbour Access Program (SSHAP). The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, NSW Maritime and Department of Planning are the SSHAP funding partners who share the vision to improve public access to, and enhance the recreational enjoyment of, Sydney Harbour and its tributaries for the people of Sydney and visitors to the City.