Harbour Circle Walk

This brochure covers a walking route circling Sydney Harbour with the Sydney Harbour and Gladesville Bridges as its eastern and western points. At the Harbour Bridge it connects with the Harbour Bridge to South Head and Clovelly and Harbour Bridge to Manly via Spit maps and brochures; at its southernmost point it connects with the Gladesville Bridge to Ryde Bridge map brochure - all brochures are available on this site.

The main route (shown in red) is a 60km, four-day walk, but it can easily be broken up into many short walks. Observatory Hill near the Harbour Bridge displays the circle's westward vista of bays and waterways. Big bridges feature strongly, with seven major crossings. Highlights include north shore bays and bushland; urban and historic architecture, recycled industrial landscapes, former Callan Park asylum, Darling Harbour and the cottages and pubs of Millers Point. The northern and southern halves are roughly equal in length with the north often on undulating park and bush tracks, while the south tends toward flatter streets or parks.

The map also includes three link routes of 20+ km north of the Harbour to the Great North Walk. In addition, 35 Loop Walks are shown, totalling more than 180km, with more fine streetscapes, parks, views and historic charms, creating a walking system of almost infinite variety and interest.

Full notes are available on the website for the main four day walk, and further notes are intended to be added over time. The walk forms part of the Sydney Harbour & Coastal Walking Network, one of the world's great urban foreshore walking networks, connecting Broken Bay in Sydney's north to Port Hacking in the south, and west as far as Parramatta.

Any part of the walk can be broken into distances and times of one's own choosing.


Sydney Harbour

Download map Harbour Circle Walk -Map (pdf)
Download map Harbour Circle Walk -Information (pdf)

To assist walkers undertake and enjoy the Harbour Circle walk the Walking Volunteers have developed walking guides and historical notes for a 4 day walk. These can be downloaded below.


Walk Map Notes Historical Notes
Circular Quay to Greenwich Day 1 Day 1
Greenwich to Woolwich Day 2 Day 2
Huntleys Point to Balmain Day 3 Day 3
Balmain to Circular Quay Day 4 Day 4

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